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Dance Lessons in Lexington KY

Above is a video of student Barb on Health & Wellness TV

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are, quite possibly, the most important step in becoming a proficient dancer. Your instructor will provide you with the personalized attention you need and direct 100% of their attention to you.  Private dance lessons offer much more gain in a comparable period of time than any other type. The general rule is that you will receive as much from one private dance lesson as 4 to 5 of any other type. Private dance lessons may be scheduled at your convenience Monday to Friday 12PM to 10PM and Saturdays by appointment, giving you the ability to cater your dance lessons to fit your busy schedule.

Group Dance Lessons

Group dance lessons generally range anywhere from 5 to 30 students and are an important aid to your private dance lessons. In the group dance lessons we put a great deal of emphasis on variety of dance patterns and the technique and styling aspects of dancing. We offer group dance lessons for all styles of dance and at every level (beginner through advanced). We offer over 80 group dance lessons per month! Bringing a partner is NOT necessary as we rotate dance partners throughout the group dance lesson!

View our group dance lesson schedule [HERE]

Practice Dance Parties

Practice Dance Parties are held to give the student a chance to practice the dances they have learned in their dance lessons in a real social dance setting.  Here you will learn what we commonly refer to as “floor craft”. A carefully selected mix of dance music including ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa and more will be played. Lexington Dance Lexington comes to life on Friday nights! Bringing a dance partner is not necessary. We have several dance “mixers” throughout the evening and our dance instructors will be on hand to dance with the students and to help if you have questions.


We offer all new students to the studio their first private dance lesson for FREE. Click [HERE] for information about our introductory offer.

Call to schedule a FREE dance lesson or click [HERE] to register online!

Lexington Dance

1801 Alexandria Dr. #132, Lexington KY

(859) 278-7711

EMail: hunterlisle@yahoo.com


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