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About Lexington Dance Dance Studios in Lexington KY

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Lexington Dance Dance Studios Lexington KY is the largest dance studio in KY offering over 6000 sq ft of new dance floor, 200 ft of wall to wall mirrors, state of the art music system, Plenty of free parking, and a convenient and easy to find location.

In addition to it's beautiful facility, Lexington Dance Studios Lexington KY is staffed by World Champion dancers, a level of experience unparalleled in this region of the United States. Having achieved national recognition as professional competitors, each dance teacher is professionally trained to maximize the student's potential in as short a period of time as possible ... from the social dance floor to the largest ballrooms.


At Lexington Dance Studios Lexington, you have the opportunity to experience dancing at a pace at which you feel comfortable. People have many different goals in mind when considering dance lessons. While there are far too many to list here, here are some of the many benefits our students mention most frequently as having been gained from dancing:

  • A release from stress and tensions

  • Meet new people and make new friends

  • A fun way to exercise and lose weight

  • Ease and assurance in social situations

  • A great way to spark romance, whether married or single

Our professional dance teachers can cater dance lessons for those of you who want to look great on the dance floors of the hottest dance clubs; or for those who just want to feel confident enough to accept an invitation to dance at a social function or party.


We can teach you how to dance the Salsa, Swing, Tango, Waltz and more like the hottest dancers in the country. With the recent popularity of dancing in movies and on television shows such as Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Shall We Dance, knowing your way around a dance floor is a must.

Another service we provide are dance lessons for those of you getting married. We can choreograph a first wedding dance that is sure to make your family cry and your friends stand up and cheer. Or, we could just help you learn the basics of ballroom to help you feel more comfortable for your special dance and for the reception to follow.

We offer private dance lessons and group classes in any style or level of partner dancing. We teach lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Country, and more ... whether you are an experienced Dancesport competitor or a just beginning social dancer. We provide a beautiful new dance floor, convenient hours of operation (12pm to 10pm) and several monthly dance parties to practice the great new steps you have learned.


Click [HERE] for more information.


What makes us stand out among other dance studios is not only our facility and professional dance teachers, but our personalized approach to your development as a dancer.

We feel it is very important to develop a personalized lesson plan that is designed specifically for you, with your goals in mind.

  • We track, lesson by lesson, your progress.

  • Our teaching approach follows the guidelines of the National Dance Council of America

  • Our teachers have a combined 40 plus years of experience teaching both social dancers and DanceSport competitors.

  • As a measure of results, many of our students have become professional dancers and teachers.


We offer all new students to the studio their first private dance lesson for FREE. Click [HERE] for information about our introductory offer.

Call to schedule a FREE dance lesson or click [HERE] to register online!

Lexington Dance

1801 Alexandria Dr. #132, Lexington KY

(859) 278-7711

EMail: hunterlisle@yahoo.com

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