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Wedding Dance Lessons in Lexington KY

Your First Dance As A Married Couple

It's your wedding day. The room quiets just before the DJ begins playing your song. You're together in the center of the dance floor and all eyes are on you. This moment is yours to share not only with each other, but with all of your family, friends, photographer and a video camera.

At Lexington Dance Studio Lexington, we specialize in making your first wedding dance something you will cherish and remember for generations to come. Our professional wedding dance specialists have helped hundreds of couples to create that special wedding dance magic.

Your wedding dance lessons can also increase the romance and anticipation of your wedding reception and help ease dance floor nervousness. With wedding dance lessons, you can be relaxed, confident and simply spend your first wedding dance with the person you love.

Wedding Dance Helpful Hints

We recommend starting your dance lessons as early as possible before your wedding day. Learning to dance together should be something that you can enjoy and at your pace. We are sure that you will be very busy in the weeks before your ceremony.

Choose a song that is special to the two of you or that fits the mood that you are trying to create with your first wedding dance. We have lots of great wedding dance music to choose from. From a beautiful flowing waltz, to a romantic rumba or even an up-tempo swing, we are sure to be able to accommodate you.

Typically, at a wedding reception, the dancing doesn't end with your first dance. We can also help with father daughter dance lessons, mother son dance lessons, or wedding dance lessons for the whole wedding party. Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. Dance the night away in style!



We offer all new students to the studio their first private dance lesson for FREE. Click [HERE] for information about our introductory offer.

Call to schedule a FREE dance lesson or click [HERE] to register online!

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